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Teochew Funeral Parlour Singapore

Teochew funeral parlour service recognizes that in bidding final farewells to our dear departed ones. The manner in which we say our goodbyes leaves an indelible mark in our memories. With this in mind, Gallant Garden makes it a priority to make sure that our customers are able to say goodbye in a manner that is memorable and timeless. So that whatever mode of bidding farewell will be best suited to their preference is arranged to mark such a noteworthy event. Final goodbyes are said through services such as wakes and memorial services and in an attempt to make these events most memorable for our clients.

We Recommend Teochew Funeral Parlour

Gallant Garden has selected certain funeral parlours that have reputations for providing a comfortable enough environment for surviving family members to bid their dear departed ones a good farewell. The Teochew funeral parlour is one of such parlours. To properly create the necessary environment certain details must be handled to establish a comfortable tranquil and serene environment, Details such as funeral flowers, caskets, body preparation all must be handled duly in order for the proper atmosphere to be cultivated.

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Gallant Garden understands that a time if grieving is not the best time for making such arrangements and so we make it our duty to handle all of such issues on behalf of our clients. Once our client has drawn a mental picture of what they envision as regards the final laying to rest of their loved ones.  Gallant Garden will do everything in its power to bring your vision of a perfect burial to life. And this includes the wake of your loved ones, whatever the image that you may have in mind Gallant garden will strive to create that image in a manner such that it leaves an indelible mark in the minds of our customers.

All arrangements for the use of the Teochew funeral parlour facilities can be made at Gallant Garden. Our experts will, in turn, handle all such details to ensure that the facility that you have in mind is an obtained and the services you wish to obtain are all contracted.

Why Use Teochew Funeral Parlour

The Teochew funeral Parlour seeks to preserve traditional burial rites. Constructed in 1989 the building is quaint and historic in addition to possessing a serene environment. The building is made up of six (6) halls each of which has its own veranda designed for the use of prayers and for hosting guests. There are bathrooms and a bedroom available for customers as well. The Teochew funeral parlour is located at No.10 Ubi Road 4 Singapore.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.