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Taoist Funeral Singapore

Taoism has been evolving for a very long time. There are several varieties of Taoist schools or subsets. Some are deeply mystical and occult while others are more philosophical. Taoist generally believed that life and death are simply the two divides of reality. Death is merely a shift from being to non-being.  In Taoism death is seen as just another phase in life

The belief held about death and afterlife differ dramatically from other Chinese beliefs. They although do reckon with life after death and therefore place more focus on life on earth, more effort seems to be spent on becoming immortal in this world than in ascending to a different, higher one. It is therefore very instructive to understand the Taoist Funeral and how to go about them. Gallant garden can arrange more reliable and professional funeral rites for the deceased without overburdening the bereaved members of the family or loved ones.

Taoist Funeral

The Funeral

For the Taoist death is a continuation of life. Taoist also believe that the body is filled with demons and therefore there must be a ceremonial passing to the other divide to protect the dead. In a traditional Taoist funeral ceremony, an altar is set up and upon it is placed upon which are placed a sacred lamp, two candles, tea, rice, and water. The sacred lamp symbolizes the light of wisdom. The tea represents yin, water represents the energy of the yang, and rice signifies the union of the yin and the yang.

There are five plates of fruits used to signify five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are therefore matched with colors: white, black, green, red and yellow. There is the burning of incense during the Taoist funeral ceremony and the ceremony takes place on an odd number of days. Most times the days are three, five or seven. The bereaved persons during the funeral engagements wear white clothes. All mirrors are removed or covered during the period of the ceremony.

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Other Beliefs

The Taoist believe that there a number of things which may have negative effects, especially during the funeral ceremony. Nobody should put on red clothing as it may provoke the dead and cause him/her to come back to haunt them. Children and grandchildren are also to keep their hairs low for forty-nine days after the funeral rites.

Mirrors are also to be taken out or covered during the funeral ceremony as one must not see the coffin through mirrors. This is said to mean that death would visit the person in coming days.

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Arranging a Chinese Funeral Service is very important for the Chinese especially the Taoist. Gallant Garden has experienced professional to arrange a Taoist Funeral in Singapore. Our Taoist Funeral in Singapore provides reliable and professional funeral ceremony for your loved ones. We perform and arrange the most traditional way to send off your loved ones. We are committed to relieving the pain and creating blissful memories. We also offer Chinese Funeral Services, Buddhist Funeral Services and a lot more. You can contact Gallant Garden today and http://www.gallantgarden.com/chinese-funeral-servicewe’ll be very willing to assist you.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.