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Soka Gakkai movement is a relatively new religion whose teachings center on assisting participants to lead satisfying lives. If you are looking for a Soka Funeral Services in Singapore, Gallant Garden has experienced staff that will help arrange, plan, execute and make the final send forth service of your loved ones memorable. Main purpose of a Soka Funeral Services is to support the bereaved family by showing sympathy, condolences and sharing in their grievances – which in turn, will help the deceased attain enlightenment.

Soka Funeral Services

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In Soka memorial services in Singapore (yujin-so), members prefer friends as the officiating Soka lay leaders. Our funeral directors at Gallant Garden will put you through the necessary procedures for learning about deceased lifestyle and personality. Here, we understand that having a heartfelt and pure chanting of the Sutra is more important than the customized performance of rituals.

Gallant Garden’s precise planning includes consulting the family about funeral arrangements and details of service. Dressing and makeup (optional) of the deceased, preparation of the body for family viewing, and music preparation (with the assistance of family members). Owing to the simplicity of a Soka Funeral Service in Singapore, press statements may not be released.

The flower arrangements, pictures enlargement, and a memorial book for attendees to write in will be sorted by Gallant Garden. Transporting the family of the deceased to the location, as well as the catering services to be offered during the course of the ceremony, will be covered by us.

Our counseling referral services to cope with the loss of a loved one, reflects how much we care about your well-being.

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Looking for a Soka Funeral Service in Singapore? We have experienced staff to arrange, plan and execute. It will be a memorial service for your passed loved ones. Be rest assured that the Soka Funeral Service provided by Gallant Garden will indicate a blend of Soka members strong belief – concerning the maximization of one’s full potential in life and contributing to the society in a useful way. Due to the simple nature of Soka Funeral Services, the setting of the ceremony is modern and serene, when used as a comparison with other funeral rites in Singapore.

Our expert funeral directors at Gallant Garden will provide any assistance needed for your definition of an impeccable Soka memorial service.

For more information on Soka Funeral Services, please contact Gallant Garden. We are available for you 24 hours everyday, all year round.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.