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Sea Burial Service Singapore

Gallant Garden Funeral Home recognizes that individuals often want to be laid to rest in connection to the things that defined their lifetime. And with this knowledge in mind, Gallant Garden has provided an option for a Sea Burial service in Singapore. We arrange this service for any deceased family member who decides to be buried at sea. Anyone can be buried at sea. A common belief is that only naval officials or military personnel can be buried at sea, however, this is not the case. If the deceased had a special connection to the sea and wished to be laid to rest there, or at the request of the bereaved family. Gallant Garden will ensure that the deceased is laid to rest in the sea.

Sea Burial Service

Involve the following steps:

  1. Cremation – First the body will need to be cremated. This involves the burning of the deceased to ash. The ash is then stored in an urn for disposal.
  1. Scattering the Ash – This can be done either from the shore or from a boat whatever preference our clients may have, Gallant Garden will be happy to oblige.

Services included:

  1. Transportation
  2. Boat
  3. chanting

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Whatever your preference may be, Gallant Garden will ensure that it is met. Sea burial services are not specific to any particular religion but are mostly initiated as a matter of personal choice. Gallant Garden will ensure that the sea burial service is carried out smoothly and as specified by the deceased or his/her family as the case may be.

In some certain cases, some registration might be necessary especially where a ceremony is to be carried out, with various issues such as the deceased state of health before passing which may require a coroners’ statement. If this need occurs, Gallant Garden will lend their expertise in ensuring that all such necessary documents required are obtained swiftly and smoothly. This is all part of the Sea burial service package offered by Gallant Gardens in Singapore. Contact Gallant Garden today to ensure that your loved ones are given a respectful, decent and proper burial.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.