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Non Religious Funeral Services Singapore

A Non Religious Funeral Services in Singapore – also known as a freethinker funeral service – is conducted when the deceased loved one did not belong to any religious organization before departure. This is designed particularly for Atheists and Humanists. Gallant Garden in Singapore provides arrangements for non-religious or freethinker funeral services; regardless of religion or belief, everyone deserves to be respected.

Let us help you honor your loved one’s humanity, personality and character.

Non Religious Funeral Services

How do You Want It?

Since it’s a Non-Religious Funeral Service, flexibility is an outstanding factor. We are doing it your way. There are really no laid down rules to follow, seeming no religious leader needs to perform any spiritual rite. A Non-Religious Funeral Service focuses on celebrating the life the deceased lived while on Earth and the lives impacted.

With adequate planning, our funeral directors at Gallant Garden will take into consideration, the deceased personality, lifestyle, ethnic tradition and family.

Furthermore, this can be a great chance for everyone to come together to pay their last respect to the deceased. The venue will be sensitized in a manner that reminds family and friends of the departed’s life.

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Gallant Garden Can Cover It

Our Non-Religious Funeral Service covers claiming and conveying the deceased’s body from the location of death, embalming of the body by qualified professionals, family consultation about funeral arrangements and service details, dressing and make-up, preparation of the deceased for viewing by family, music preparation (with family assistance), wordings on what to write in press release statements and referral to grief support i.e. counselling. Although, this is backed up by personal choice.

In preparation for the main ceremony, the following will be taken care of:

  • The location for Non-Religious Funeral Services is usually done by the graveside. However, the family members can decide to request personalized inspired venues – a special place of significance for the deceased (It could be where deceased was born).
  • Supply of cars to transport the family members.
  • Enlargement of photograph and floral arrangements.
  • A memorial book of attendance for friends and family to sign in.
  • Coverage of services, i.e. video or audio recording.
  • Provision of after funeral refreshments/ catering.
  • Provision of remembrance cards for the service.

Even for the free thinker, we do and provide Non-Religious Services in Singapore. Regardless of religion or belief, everyone deserves to be respected.

For more information on Non-Religious Funeral Services, please contact us. We are available for you 24 hours everyday, all year round.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.