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Mt Vernon Parlour Singapore

Mt Vernon Parlour is another parlour option available to customers. In laying to rest dear departed family members, often times surviving family members wish to remember the lifetime of the deceased and also say their last farewells before the deceased is laid to rest finally. These farewells can be said through a wake keep, or a memorial service, whichever the case may be the need for a proper environment in which to bid farewells and fondly celebrate life with friends and family who knew the deceased is very important.

Note* Mt Vernon is officially closed on 24th Sept 2018. 

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At Gallant Garden, we understand the importance of this and so we have made provisions to provide our customers with comfort, clean, tranquil and serene environment for our customers to hold their wakes and memorials. Gallant Garden also provides all the other important details that complete such events. These include funeral flower wreaths, caskets and all other such items.

All funeral arrangements can be handled by Gallant Garden funeral services and these include also arrangements for services after the wake such as cemetery choices, cremation if preferred, burial niches and standard columbariums all of these can be handled by Gallant Garden Funeral services Singapore.

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Why We Recommend Mt Vernon

Mt Vernon parlour strives to bring dignity, privacy and comfort into service for custgrieve Mt Vernon ensures that the environment provided for customers to hold their wakes is tranquil and serene and that customers are ensured the privacy they need to grieve without being disturbed and in utmost comfort.

Available Facilities

Mt Vernon offers six (6) fully furnished wakes for the purposes of memorials and wakes. For customers who have larger groups of people to cater to, the halls can be transformed to comfortably hold 600 people. So whatever the size of your group may be Mt Vernon can and will cater to its needs. All halls come fully air-conditioned with 24/7 surveillance and staffing. There are six (6) different halls available for use. Each hall is specially designed to cater to customer needs;

  • Harmony Hall: This hall can hold up to 50 people it is situated at the center of the building. It provides a cozy environment for smaller gatherings
  • Purity Hall: This hall provides a personal touch to wakes and can contain over 80 people
  • Cherish Hall: Caters for 90 people and possesses ample car park space
  • Tranquillity Hall: Holds up to 90 guests and is surrounded by lush landscaping
  • Serenity Hall: Accommodates up to 80 guests and is characterized by natural lighting and wide glass panels
  • Grace Hall: Takes up to 200 guests. And is statuesque.

Gallant Garden can make arrangements for the use of any of these facilities and will do efficiently.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.