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Funeral Parlour Services Singapore

Gallant Garden funeral parlour services also offer all necessary parlour services. Gallant garden arranges for services according to the wishes of surviving family members or in line with instructions supplied by the deceased before the time of passing away.

Funeral Parlour Services

This includes a wake, a viewing, a memorial service or a religious service, whatever the case may be. Gallant Garden is equipped to make all the necessary arrangements. Whatever religious preference the surviving family members of deceased or the deceased himself might have, Gallant Gardens has provisions to cater for the specifics. In additions to funeral parlour services, all other steps of laying to rest can be handled effectively by customers once arrangements are made to that effect.

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What Parlour Services Are Available

Gallant garden offers the best choice of funeral parlour services. Some of the services offered by gallant garden funeral parlour services include

  • Provisions of all necessary facilities required for holding a wake, organising a memorial or holding a religious service. Gallant Garden will make arrangements for the necessary venues for all such engagements. Should customers prefer to hold such within their homes Gallant garden will also make arrangements to that effect.
  • Placing of obituaries in newspapers, radios or television depending on the preference of our clients. Gallant Garden will assist clients in spreading all information regarding the burial rites.
  • Catering services for any burial related events can also be arranged by Gallant garden for interested customers.
  • Music choices for wakes, memorials or services can also be arranged by Gallant Garden
  • Funeral Flower services, including funeral flower wreaths for the burial. Flower decorations for events. And all other related services can be arranged at Gallant Garden.

Arrangements for transfer of remains from wake to final resting place. Gallant garden provides hearse services

Related Services

All other related services as regards burial events can also be arranged by gallant garden funeral services.

Gallant garden also provides options for cremation. Should surviving family members wish to cremate the remains of their deceased ones Gallant Garden will make all necessary arrangements. In addition at Gallant Gardens alternative modes of burial are provided as options for our customers these include our sea burial service package and our tree burial service package. Arrangements can be made for our funeral parlour service to cover funeral services which customers may want to hold at sea or at the tree of their choice. Whatever your funeral preferences our Gallant Garden will cater to them with utmost respect and devotion. Gallant Garden has the best selection of Funeral Parlours for the use of our Customers.

Funeral Service Packages:

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

Contact Us

Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.