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Funeral Flower Wreath Singapore

Flowers are used to marking every occasion. Gallant Gardens Funeral home provides Funeral Flower Wreaths that ensure that such a significant event is made memorable. Flowers have been used in funerals since the times of Ancient Civilizations. Gallant Gardens Funeral Home recognizes this tradition and will, therefore, provide Funeral Flower services at affordable rates. Customers will not find a better Funeral Flower Wreath service in Singapore. Gallant Gardens Funeral Home provides the best and puts in an effort to ensure that the memory of the passing of your loved ones is fond and marked with beauty provided by our Funeral Flower Wreath services.

Every life deserves a tribute and Gallant Gardens provides an excellent way of displaying this by showing the beauty that the life lost was full of. Whatever preference our customers may have as relates to Funeral Flower Wreath we are more than happy to fulfill. We also cater to Funeral Wreaths for well-wishers of the deceased’s’ family. Flowers are symbolic and bearing this in mind Gallant Gardens Funeral Flower Wreath service Singapore offers a wide array of choices of wreaths to help our customers mark this sombre event. These are some popular Funeral flowers uses in Singapore.

Funeral Flower Wreath


Funeral Flower Wreaths may comprise of several different flowers, common among these are roses. Different roses symbolise different relationship and Gallant Gardens funeral home provides a wide array of choices. White roses symbolise purity, innocence and spirituality. Red roses can symbolise love, grief or deep attachment to the deceased, While yellow roses represent thankfulness. Whatever form of relationship a customer might have had with the deceased Gallant Gardens Funeral Home Singapore will provide a right form of expression.


Lilies are common in Funeral flower wreaths, and this is for a suitable reason. Lilies symbolise that the soul of the deceased has returned to its original peaceful state of innocence. The lily flower also symbolises rebirth. It is a good choice for a Funeral Flower Wreath.


The symbolism of chrysanthemums differs according to society. It is however widely associated with honour and sympathy. Red chrysanthemums can be associated with love while White ones symbolise purity.


Orchids symbolise love. This is generally accepted and applied. Orchids are a good selection for the funeral wreath of the spouse of the deceased.

Note* Every of our funeral packages service comes with the flower arrangement. Additional flower arrangement will be subject to availability and additional charges apply. And according to the type of funeral.

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Customers may find it difficult to express themselves in a time of grief. Gallant Gardens Funeral Home allows customers to grieve without having to deal with such details. Gallant Gardens offers experience in dealing with all matters involving putting the deceased to rest peacefully and this includes the choice of funeral flower wreaths. We are listed to be the one of the best funeral flower provider in https://www.bestinsingapore.co/ and https://www.bestfloristreview.com/


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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.