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Funeral Catering Services Singapore

Food in a funeral service must be attended to, in a very delicate manner. The family – and invited guests – of the deceased, are still very sensitive at this point, and so will their taste buds. Gallant Garden holds an excellent and outstanding Funeral Catering Services in Singapore. Our specialized catering service covers all kinds of funeral services of your choice; We organize everything you need to your optimum satisfaction. This will help reduce your burden, as it will be one less activity to worry about.

Funeral Catering Services

Why Liaise with Gallant Garden?

We understand that there are people who have traveled from far places to come and join you honor your loved one – they will need to be fed during that grieving period. In addition to this, we provide Funeral Catering Services that serve all religions in Singapore; whether Catholic, Christian, Soka, Non-religious, Buddhist or Taoist.

With the funeral catering of Gallant Garden, your guests will feel more comfortable, as we enable you choose your favorite foods. We are also aware of the importance of versatility of delicacies prepared.

Having a dignified and reputable Funeral Catering Services signifies how much you appreciate your guests’ presence, as you might not be in a position to do that personally after the ceremony.

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Looking for a Funeral Catering Service? We specialize in Funeral catering to all kinds of funeral of your choice, and organize everything you need.

In view of the type of funeral being held, the menu, choice of food, the setting of the table, as well as the race and religion of the deceased and his family will be taken into consideration – as what will be seen as appropriate for a Christian, may not be the same for a Taoist, vice-versa.

With your budget in mind, our Funeral Catering Services can provide menus for all kinds of people. We also have provisions for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. With your assistance of course, the selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be catered for.

As requested, the food can be cooked on the spot by professional chefs, or a simple buffet reception (i.e. for Taoist or Buddhist funerals). Alternatively, the food can be prepared from another location, and then transported to the venue of ceremony, assuring no delay of the sort. Gallant Garden possess excellent storage facilities that will keep the food hot and safe until it is served at the ceremony by our able and organized caterers.

For more information on Funeral Catering Services, please contact us here. We are available for you 24 hours everyday, all year round.

Note* Every of our funeral packages service comes with small snacks but do not come with food catering. We do not just provide a standalone catering service but we can arrange at an additional charge for catering service.

Other Types of Funeral Services Provided

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.