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Columbarium Niche Singapore

When relatives are left with the task of putting their loved ones to rest, they may become indecisive about the choice of ‘where?’. Since Nirvana can be described as a state where one reaches enlightenment, – during times like this, it’s important to realize the significance of a permanent and respectful final resting place. A Columbarium Niche is designed for this purpose.

A Columbarium Niche in Singapore can be described as a wall, room, or structure which holds many cremation niches – designed to hold urns. A Niche in a Columbarium can be customized as a celebration of life: A glass-front niche – which allows for a showcase of personal treasure, a bronze-front niche, and a granite-front niche.

Columbarium Niche

The Purpose

The sole purpose of a Columbarium Niche is to house cremated remains – the cremated remains are secured in urns. A Columbarium Niche can be in two environments: an outdoor garden or a climate-controlled (indoor) environment.

A Columbarium Niche can be utilized by religions of various kinds- whether Buddhist, Non-Religious, Taoist, Chinese, or Soka Funeral Services. Sometimes, families find it uncomfortable to have the remains of loved ones in the house. In addition to this, the scattering of ashes is prohibited in some places i.e. ocean, desert, or mountains.

Columbarium Niche

A Columbarium Niche serves as a final resting place for the body. Cremated remains are stored in urns and placed in Niches. Some like to call it their final home.

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides an indoor environment with several suites to suit your preference. Whether it’s is classic traditional, modern contemporary, premium royal, all suites are designed tastefully with spacious walkways and a resting lounge.

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Nirvana Funeral Service offers the most beautiful columbarium niche in Singapore. Though mostly for Buddhism, do cater to other religions and non-religions. At Gallant Garden, we ensure that your loved ones cremated remains are stored in a safe and secure location. A full funeral service can also be planned by our professional Funeral Directors.

For more information on Columbarium Niche, please contact Gallant Garden. We are available to you 24 hours every day, all year round.

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If your passed away loved ones is a Catholic, Gallant Garden have Catholic Funeral Packages planned for you. It is will be a Catholic Memorial Service for you. We are trustable and experienced in providing the best Catholic funeral packages. Our Catholic Funeral Packages in Singapore provide to reliable and professional funeral ceremony for your loved ones. We perform and arrange the best way to send off your loved ones. We are very committed to relieving the pain and creating blissful memories. We also provide other funeral packages such as the Taoist Funeral Package, Christian Funeral Packages, Buddhist Funeral Package and several others. You can contact Gallant Garden today.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.