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Christian Funeral Packages Singapore

If your passed away loved one is a Christian, Gallant Garden has Christian funeral packages planned for you. We arrange the most memorable services for you.  When a Christian dies, the burden on the family members and loved ones may be quite heavy. Having to make funeral plans may not necessarily ease the burden. The funeral plan of a loved one can be strenuous. We provide an easy way out.

Christian Funeral Packages

The Christian Funeral Package includes the 3 days 2 nights funeral package, 5 days 4 nights funeral package and 7 days 6 nights funeral package. They are quite reasonable and the packages offer a top-notch job. Our basic no frills 3 days 2 nights package starts from SGD6,888. Selection of add-on services and wake venue is available at additional costs.


Christian Funeral Packages starts from SGD6,888. No frills package allows you to have the option to add on services and items according to your needs and preferences.

  • 3 days 2 nights funeral package: SGD6,888
  • 5 days 4 nights funeral package: Quotation On Enquiry
  • 7 days 6 nights funeral package: Quotation On Enquiry

 3 Days Package Includes:

  • 4 sided seal up casket
  • Pallbearer & Hearse
  • Altar Set up
  • Casket area tentage n floor carpet
  • 4 sided tables (15), roundtables (10), Chair (100)
  • General Lightings and 6 Fans (2 Stand fans & 4 Ceiling fans)
  • Photo enlargement, Photo frame & Flora flower Wreath
  • Altar Table flower – 1 pair
  • Metal mobile Toilet – 1
  • Chiller – 1
  • Peanut (2 packs), Melon seeds (2 packs), Candy (3 packs), Package drinks (3 boxes), Mineral Water (3 boxes), White table bag (1 bag), Black bag (1 bag), Red thread (2 bags),  Paper tray (1 bag)
  • One 44 Seater Air-Conditioned bus (2 ways (To & Fro, Residence and Crematorium) )
  • Above package is based on HDB Housing Void Deck Setup only
  • Any additional request will be at an extra charge. Prices varies for Private Estate and Palour

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When is a Christian Funeral Held?

A Christian Funeral is usually held a week after death. A deceased sometimes leave information about their funeral. This information could be on whether or not they wished for cremation or burial. A funeral is held for friends and family to grieve or to celebrate the passing of the deceased.

Christians have the belief of death leading to a better life. There can be assurances of the knowledge that a loved one is indeed resting in peace. This could be linked to promises made to Christians in the Bible.

A typical Christian funeral Ceremony lasts for an hour. Some last for days depending on the personal customs and belief of both the deceased and the bereaved family members.

The burial follows a church service and the loved ones gather around the grave. There is the tradition of throwing sand in the grave. A short prayer is then said by the Minister.

What does it involve?

Flowers and candles are part of the symbols usually used. Flowers are forms of tributes to the recently deceased. But they represent new life and beauty in the world. It reminds Christians of the beautiful world promised. Gallant garden provides a solution with the best Christian funeral package.

Averagely, Christian Funeral Engagement is hosted within an hour. Some last for days depending on the customs and beliefs. The People read words from the Holy book. These words are comforting and remind the bereaved of the promises of a better new life after death. Hymns are sung and they are believed to further uplift the spirit of the bereaved.

A Christian funeral package is braided around the needed equipment. For a Christian funeral, Caskets are needed. Urns are also available if cremation is chosen. The Minister will also be made available. All these we offer at Gallant garden with our affordable Christian funeral packages in Singapore. Sunday’s are less common for funerals and reserved for Church. We have all days opened for funeral services.

At Gallant Garden, we also guarantee the best supervision and coordination of funeral services. They also include Embalming, service itself. These will put a smile on your face knowing that your loved one has been rightly laid to rest.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.