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Chinese Funeral Services Singapore

Losing a loved one, family or even distant acquaintances remain one of the most hurtful of experiences of humanity. Certain traditions are golden rules and must be kept for some funeral arrangements. The Chinese Funeral Services entail several traditions to be kept while performing the funeral function.

It is encouraged that the preparations for the funeral are contracted out. This is to relieve the bereaved and to have reliable confidence in the process. Gallant garden can arrange a more reliable and professional funeral rites for the deceased without overburdening the bereaved.

Chinese Funeral Services

Funeral Arrangements

Chinese funeral rites in Singapore has with it certain arrangements to be carried out in accordance to tradition. The default of this rites may lead to ill fortune and disaster for the family of the deceased or even unrest for the deceased. It is therefore imperative to carry proper arrangements. Rites and burial closely follow all traditions and are highly respected.

The arrangements is dependent on several factors such as age, social status, marital status, and cause of the deceased’s death. Religion also is a major determinant of the type of Chinese funeral ceremony to the carried out.

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General beliefs on Funeral Ceremonies

The details of the ceremony is therefore largely defined the relevant factors and peculiar circumstances. Despite the peculiarities attached to each factor, Chinese funeral engagements has some common grounds or beliefs. Chinese place a lot of emphasis on rank (within the family) and age. Chinese culture and customs do not allow an adult to venerate a younger person.

It is a taboo to express respect for them. Therefore contrary to custom and belief for a family to pay their last respect to their child by providing funeral ceremonies. Thus, a child is buried in silence without any funeral rites or ceremony while for an adult, funeral ceremonies are conducted.

Within the Chinese Buddhist community, death carries an important representation. It marks the moment when new life begins through rebirth. Therefore, proper funeral ceremonial functions according to their beliefs are to be performed.

Why use Gallant Garden Funeral Service?

Our Chinese Funeral Services in Singapore provide to Buddhist and Taoist reliable and professional funeral ceremony for your loved ones. We perform and arrange the most traditional way to send off your loved ones. We are committed to relieving the pain and creating blissful memories.  You can contact Gallant Garden today for our assistance.

Other Types of Funeral Services Provided

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.