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Death among the Buddhists has different implications for or effects on different people. The significance it has on the dead differs from that of the surviving loved ones. For the dead, it is believed generally among them that death only marks a phase for a new beginning. It is the hallmark for rebirth. This is central to the Buddhist belief about reincarnation and the next life. On the other hand, death, for the living, symbolizes the ephemeral or transient nature of things which is also a focal concept of the Buddhist belief. It also provides an occasion to aid the dead in transcending into the next life. This is one of the capital reasons why Buddhist Funeral Service are quite important to Buddhists. Gallant garden is trustable and experienced in providing Buddhist funeral services.

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Buddhism is a widespread religion. This would mean that a general consensus on certain practices or customs of the religion might be impossible. The Theravada Buddhist believe in the offering of clothes to monks, some other denominations practice cave burying or forest funeral as an essential part of the Buddhist Funeral Arrangement. They have the same worldview about death and some common grounds in their value system as it relates to Buddhist funeral rites. However, there exist varying practices across the denominations of the Buddhism.

It is believed that death is a natural process and part of life and therefore its reality must be accepted. Before death, the dying person is surrounded by loved ones to ease or soothe his/her rebirth into the next life. Silence is well observed during this period. The general protocol of the Buddhist Funeral Ceremony is simple and solemn.

The deceased is dressed in simple clothes to reflect humility and not extravagance. It is also believed that a body should not be moved for a few hours after death. The body is also not to be subject to autopsy or cremated for at least 3 days.

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Both Cremation and Burial have accepted practices. However, embalmment should be totally avoided if possible. Traditionally, it is Buddhist Funeral practice to adopt cremation after death just as the example set down by Buddha. Burials are also permitted.

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Is it complicating to plan for a traditional Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore? We are trustable and experienced in providing Buddhist funeral services. Our Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore provide to Buddhist reliable and professional funeral ceremony for your loved ones. We perform and arrange the most traditional way to send off your loved ones. We are committed to relieving the pain and creating blissful memories. We also offer Chinese Funeral Services, Taoist Funeral Services and a lot more. You can contact Gallant Garden today and we’ll be very willing to assist you.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.