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Bright Hill Crematorium Singapore

Bright Hill Crematorium is another cremation funeral service in Singapore. It was originally called the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. It was built in 1920. It is called the Bright Hill Temple which is easier to pronounce. It is also located on Bright Hill Drive in Singapore.

The Bright Hill Temple is open to the public. It is a Buddhist temple located in Bishan, Singapore. It was Built by Zhean Dao in the early 20th Century. It was to propagate Buddhism and to provide lodging for Monks. It is also the largest Buddhist temple in Singapore.

The temple is also one of the privately run crematoriums in Singapore. The second being the Tse Tho Aum Temple. The buildings are modelled after the Southern Chinese Style of Architecture. The Temple houses Stupas, Prayer halls, Crematorium, and Columbarium. The Crematorium being the Bright Hill Crematorium.

The temple contains over 200,000 Niches, Bell and Drum towers. It also features gardens and several temples. Recently, Notable cremations took place at the Crematorium. They include Political Prisoner Lim Hock Siew, Veteran Actor Huang Wenyong and Business Mogul Ng Bok Eng.

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Bright Hill Crematorium

The Crematorium Process

Since the Crematorium is open to all, the mourners get to witness the whole cremation process in the ceremonial hall. This decision is left to the bereaved. The Tse Tho Aum temple, however, does not allow this.

The mourners after viewing the process then put the remains in the Urns or in a jewellery. The cremation process follows the respects of the bereaved.

The process also involves burning the body of the deceased. This is done in a fire filled machine. It is a fast and reliable process. This makes people adopt it.

People are asked to be considerate when entering the hall. Bright Hill temple is also a place of worship and appropriate dressing is mandatory. Shoes are taken off before entering the halls. The temple also prohibits photography in the halls and temples.

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