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Bright Hill Columbarium Singapore

The Bright hill columbarium comes highly recommended by Gallant Garden Funeral Services as being efficient, professional and respectful. For customers who do not wish to have conventional burials, the services of a good columbarium would be required. After the remains of the deceased have been cremated which involves the turning of the deceased ’s remains into ash. The remains can then be laid to rest in columbarium niches which Bright Hill can provide. Cremated remains can also be scattered at sea in a Sea Burial Service, or can be planted as trees in Tree Burial Service. Gallant Garden is dedicated to fulfilling all the needs of our customers and we realize the nehttp://www.gallantgarden.com/tree-burial-serviceed for the services which Bright Hill columbarium offers and recommend such services to our customers.

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Bright Hill Columbarium

About Bright Hill

The Bright Hill columbarium is located close to the Sim Ming drive in Singapore. It is located at No. 88 Bright Hill road. Bright Hill also houses a crematorium and a temple. The Bright Hill columbarium is one of the most popular columbariums in Singapore. And Gallant Garden can make all necessary arrangements for the use of the Bright Hill crematorium as well. Customers need not bother themselves with such details in their time of grieving whatever arrangements are preferable will be handled by Gallant Garden funeral Home Singapore. The Bright Hill columbarium is a private columbarium. And so customers can make specific booking requests as to what the desire concerning the remains of their loved ones.

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Funeral Arrangements

After the cremation of remains. Gallant garden funeral service can provide for any interested customers whatever may be needed for last funeral rites. Whatever funerals service packages may be preferred by customers, Gallant Garden will cater to them. Catholic, Buddhist, Taoist and Soka burial packages are all available for customers in addition to Non – Religious packages.

Arrangements for funerals parlours can also be made, in order for family members to say their proper goodbyes in a wake or a memorial service. For traditional customers. Gallant Garden can create Ancestral pedestals for the remembrance of departed loved ones with the cremated remains. All other necessary details such as funeral flower wreaths and the likes of such will be handled by Gallant Garden Funeral Flower Wreath service.

Prices and Booking

Payments can be made via credit cards. And all necessary arrangements can be made through Gallant Garden Funeral Service. These include use of crematorium and obtaining a burial niche and in the columbarium. Whatever preference our customers may have, arrangements can be made with Gallant Garden.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.