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Ancestral Tablet Singapore

When a loved one passes, missing them is understandably inevitable. You tend to miss their personality, voice, love, energy, and presence in general. Most times, we start to think of ways to keep them close to us forever. While this may present itself as a challenge, Ancestral Tablet comes into play. It’s a norm for the Chinese to worship their ancestors with shrines, sacrifices and Ancestral Tablets. They believe that their ancestors and other life beliefs will be present since sacred objects like ancestral tablets keep them living with purpose.

Ancestral Tablet is the central symbol at the altar of any Chinese home which adores tradition. It’s very sacred as it signifies observation of filial piety. Having an Ancestral Tablet in your home gives you the opportunity to pay respect to your deceased loved ones all through the year with the ease of convenience. They are used in addition to columbarium niche and gravestones.

Nirvana Funeral also provides Niches (columbarium), Funeral Service Package, Ancestral Tablet, as well as Ji Ling Services.

Ancestral Tablet

What Does Ancestral Pedestal Service Entail?

An ancestral pedestal or ancestral tablet is the central symbol at the altar of a traditional Chinese home. It is sacred as it signifies observation of filial piety. Traditionally, offerings and prayer rituals are done at home to the ancestors during festivities. Some may even have daily offerings to their ancestors. As years go by, many people have chosen not to place the ancestral tablet in their own home. Instead, ancestral tablets are placed in temples or columbariums.

Nirvana Memorial Garden has several halls that offer elegant and air-conditioned halls to place your Ancestral pedestals. With the facilities offered at Nirvana, you can simplify the preparations that need to be done personally. Nirvana provides a one-stop solution for your prayer needs, such as vegetarian offerings, engaging of priest or monks, as well as paper offerings.

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Why Use Gallant Garden

Chinese cultural practice is to have an Ancestral Tablet for one’s deceased loved ones. Nirvana Ancestral Pedestal Service can customize the tablet and the best suites.

Gallant Garden can provide excellent service when planning a Nirvana Ancestral Pedestal Service in Singapore. We can help customize these tablets to your tastes – whether you want it traditional or want to add a modern touch to it. Knowing how sacred the tablet is, we have experienced and trusted Funeral Directors to attend to your every important detail concerning the tablet.

For more information on Ancestral Tablet,  please contact Gallant Garden. We are available for you 24 hours every day, all year round.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.

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Your one-stop Funeral Service in Singapore. Let us assist your every step of the way.